About us

What we do

At FeedbackFrog, we unite people and companies to improve user experiences and help advance research.

We do this by offering companies feedback from people with genuine interest in the company’s field of business, and giving people the opportunity to recreate better concepts of services they use themselves, either privately or at work.

How we do it

Intelligent sourcing

Through strategic partnerships with various networks, we work with smart data collection which gives us access to all target groups in different industries.

Verified user information

Our panel is built in an infrastructure that regularly updates and verifies information about each respondent’s profile.

Highly qualified participants

Research and high-quality user experiences are based on reliable data. We therefore have a holistic approach to our processes, both with our employees, customers and respondents. This means that we constantly strive for higher standards and quality.

The founder has the floor

During my time as an employee, my responsibility was to find a partner who would find and get a very narrow and specific target group to give feedback on our products and services, by participating in-person and in digital research studies that ran for a long time.

In the search for such a solution, I found companies whose offerings are feedback from end users digitally through methods such as Crowdtesting, Remote Testing and Surveys. They all had a scalable process that did not fit our need for a customized solution at all.

In the market I also found call center companies whose offerings consisted of standardized packages without the possibility of a tailor-made solution, which limited the opportunity to introduce innovation and recreate new concepts together with our end users.

There was a hole in the market that FeedbackFrog is currently covering through strategic collaborations tailored to the companies’ need for feedback on a continuous basis.

Amanda Lilja

Founder, FeedbackFrog

About us