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Global Participant Panel

Explore the advantages of a global participation panel for your testing needs.

Unlock global insights with our worldwide panel

We are happy to extend our offer to you as a customer by providing a global participant panel for your research needs.

Connect with our global panel of 250,000+ diverse participants across 130+ countries. Capture nuanced perspectives from various cultures and demographics in your research. Our customer success team ensures top-quality participants, providing support before, during, and after tests, managing cancellations and rescheduling seamlessly. Elevate your research with our carefully curated network.

What’s in it for you?

1. Unmatched diversity 

Tap into a rich tapestry of global perspectives, ensuring your research is not limited to a specific region or demographic. Our expansive panel guarantees a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. 

2. Representative sampling 

Craft research studies that truly represent the diversity of the world. Our worldwide panel enables you to gather insights from a broad spectrum of participants, making your findings robust and applicable across various markets. 

3. Seamless connectivity 

Easily reach participants regardless of geographical boundaries. Our platform facilitates smooth communication and engagement, making it effortless to connect with individuals worldwide for your research studies. 

4. Personal support 

Our customer success team will guide you through the testing process before, during, and after the test has been completed and take care of all administrative tasks included. Including incentives as well as any cancellation and rescheduling.  

5. GDPR compliance 

We are fully GDPR compliant regardless of which country you are from. Read more about our GDPR compliance here. 
 6. Incentive payouts 

The payouts from the tests to participants are handled by us. You can choose to either use your incentive as a gift card on Or you can donate it to the Red Cross.  

Ready to dive into global insights? 

Connect with us for an exclusive demonstration. See firsthand how our worldwide panel can revolutionize your research approach, providing you with the keys to unlock global insights. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    What does a global participant panel entail?
    Our global participant panel consists of over 250,000 participants from more than 130 countries worldwide. It grants you access to a diverse range of perspectives and cultural contexts for your UX research.
    What benefits do I gain from using your global participant panel?
    With our global participant panel, you receive unparalleled diversity, representative sampling, seamless connection, personalized support, GDPR compliance, and management of incentives for participants.
    How do you ensure the quality of your participants?
    Our dedicated customer satisfaction team ensures high-quality participants and provides support before, during, and after tests. We also handle all administrative tasks, including incentives and cancellations.
    What are the options for participant incentive payouts?
    We handle incentive payouts to participants, and you can choose to either use your incentive as a gift card on Huuray or donate it to the Red Cross.
    How can I get started with your global participant panel?
    Contact us for an exclusive demo and discover how our global participant panel can enhance your research strategy and provide you with valuable insights from a variety of cultures and demographics around the world.