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We match you with the target audience that suits your needs and preferences.

We handle all participant management before, during, and after your tests.

  • A unique platform with thousands of members
  • Expertise in narrow and unique target audiences
  • Historical show-up rate of over 95%

Some of the companies we assist today

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Quick and precise recruitment of participants

High quality
High quality in both participants and service – from start to finish.
Personalized support
Project management with a human touch for greater flexibility and customization for your project.
A growing database
We ensure that our database is continually replenished with new participants, all to match your target audience.
GDPR compliant
Servers stored within the EU borders for secure handling of personal data.

Examples of characteristics we can screen for

Limit your profile based on demographic characteristics such as age, gender, education level, or marital status.
Product ownership
Select participants based on the consumer products the person owns or uses.
Financial status
Gain insights from people with different income levels, assets, or other financial circumstances.
Reach profiles in one or several specific locations. You can also limit yourself to major cities or small towns.
Technical equipment
Customize participants based on technical knowledge or equipment.
Get feedback from people working in specific professions, departments, or industries.

How we simplify your work

Recruitment and booking of participants.
We have many years of experience in segmenting and recruiting test participants from specific target groups.
Communicating with participants
We communicate with participants both before and after the test is conducted and handle any issues that arise.
Handling cancellations and rescheduling
We handle all administration related to participants both before and after your tests, including cancellations and rescheduling.
Disbursement of compensation
We handle the disbursement of compensation to participants and social contributions to the Swedish Tax Agency for the registered income.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What services do you offer?
We offer recruitment of test participants for tests and surveys online or in person.
What tools do you offer for online remote testing?
As a customer, you have the freedom to choose the tool you prefer to conduct your test. We are currently developing our own software for online test execution, where our customers can customize the tool's features related to moderation, observation, session recording, and prototype-friendly UI. The data is stored in Europe to comply with data directive data protection regulations. FeedbackFrog's own software will be launched soon.
What target audience do you offer participants from?
We have no limitations, so feel free to challenge us! Our expertise lies in finding individuals from narrow target audiences and understanding what motivates them to participate in user tests.
What determines the profile level a recruitment falls into?
The level of the profile is determined by the proportion of the population available in the desired region and the availability of the target audience in terms of time and flexibility. A general profile corresponds to a large portion of the population and has high availability. The narrower the profile, the smaller the selection available, and the more complex processing is required to find the selection, motivate them to participate, and schedule the participants based on availability.