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How we help you find participants for tests

1. You determine the profile

Define the profile of your desired target audience that you want to get in touch with. Characteristics can, for example, be a specific age range, geographical location, lifestyle, technical equipment, or interests.

2. We find participants

We publish the test on the platform, which gives individuals who match your desired profile the opportunity to apply for the test. Those who have applied and match the profile are scheduled for specific dates and times. Usually, additional participants are also scheduled as backups in case someone is unable to attend.

3. You carry out your test

We ensure that the participants show up on time, help them find/connect to the test, and replace any late cancellations with new participants. You only need to focus on conducting your test sessions. We are available as support.

4. We distribute compensation

When the test is completed, we handle the distribution of compensation to the participants as a thank you for their efforts. If any questions or thoughts arise among the participants, we will answer them. Therefore, you do not need to have any further contact with the individuals who participated in the test.

What we do to simplify your work

Recruitment and booking of participants
We have many years of experience in segmenting and recruiting test participants from specific target groups.
Handling of cancellations and rebookings
We handle all administration related to participants both before and after your tests, including cancellations and rescheduling.
Communication with the participants
We communicate with the participants both before and after the completed test and handle any problems that arise.
Payment of compensation
We handle the payment of compensation to the participants and social contributions to the Swedish Tax Agency for the registered income.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Which target group do you offer participants from?
We have no established limitations, so please feel free to test us! Our expertise is finding individuals from narrow target groups and figuring out what motivates them to participate in user testing. This allows us to push the right incentives, and as a result, we have historically maintained a show-up rate of over 95% in conducted user tests.
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