Our founder and CEO at FeedbackFrogAmanda Lilja participated in the podcast Feminvest earlier this year. The podcast and network with the same name, Feminvest are run by Michaela Berglund and Elin Myrström. The purpose with their network is to: Lift, inspire and increase the number of female entrepreneurs and investors.

In the podcast, Amanda talks about her story as an entrepreneur and how the business model around FeedbackFrog has developed over time. The company development, platform and services are driven by the various needs from customers and users. FeedbackFrog‘s platform offers a one-stop shop solution for qualitative user resarch. New features and tools are being developed as we speak to both enable global scalability as well as making the current platform even more efficient and user-friendly.

In the podcast episode Amanda shares:

⭐ How to build a business case
⭐ The possibilities and challenges in global expansion
⭐ What to think about when raising capital for investors
⭐ How crucial the feedback is from our users for our continuous development

The episode is in English and you can listen to it here:

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☁ Soundcloud

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