As the world is becoming more and more dynamic, full of digital experiences, user behavior becomes even more crucial in all businesses to create successful products. At FeedbackFrog, we take pride in our offering which is a wide range of tests that cater to just as broad of a target group.

What types of tests do we offer?

To be able to cater a wide range of customers, we have the following test offering:

How does it work in practise?

Our platform at FeedbackFrog is one-stop shop where we simplify user testing for customers without losing the quality.

To further clarify:

  1. You decide which profile the test should cater to
  2. We find the participants based on our qualitative data of target audiences and relevant market segments
  3. We take care of all administrative tasks in terms of data collection and logistics
  4. You conduct your test
  5. We distribute the incentives to the participants

Are you interested in conducting a test with us? Contact us here and send a description of the target group you want to reach. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a reply.