Besides our founder and CEO Amanda Lilja, who is a frequent networker and speaker at various forums and events, FeedbackFrog is surrounded by several women in tech that are great brand ambassadors.

Women In Tech
One of them is our Product Owner Yana Litvinova who started at FeedbackFrog in May 2023. About 1 year before that, she arrived in Sweden after leaving the war in Ukraine with her two children. She has been networking and speaking at various events focusing on UX Research and Technology ever since and is a networking superstar!

Ukrainian Women In Tech
Last week it was time for the monthly Ukrainian Women in Tech event organized by Nataliya Stoyanovych taking place. They meet at various locations every time and on November 7 it was at PFC Technology AB office. The topic of the evening was: Product Development.

Yana was one of the speakers and also participated in a panel discussion. The aim was to explore the vast subject of ‘product development’ comprehensively. To ensure a well-rounded presentation, two more speakers were invited: One from Spotify and one from P.F.C

Speech topics
Yana’s speech covered the following topics:

  • The Product Owner’s Toolkit: Both the essential tools and techniques that have proven invaluable
  • Gathering User Feedback: A crucial element in shaping user-centric product
  • Roadmap Creation: How to chart the path forward for your product
  • Continuous Learning: The ongoing journey to stay at the forefront of the industry

Following their individual presentations, Yana and the other two speakers were engaged in a panel discussion, where they deep-dived into questions and insights related to delivering successful products.

Next meet-up organized by Ukrainian Women in Tech will be dedicated to UX Research and will be hosted at our office at FeedbackFrog. More information will come shortly. Follow us here so that you don’t miss any updates!