At FeedbackFrog we believe that it is important to stay up to date within our dynamic industry to enable us to support our customers in the best possible way. We were inspired by an insightful article from Medium, which you can read here.

Our key takeaways from it:

Remote user testing
While this is surpassing traditional methods of UX research, traditional methods are still relevant. In the wake of digitalization, there are no more geographical constraints to how to conduct tests.
At FeedbackFrog we are constantly developing our offering, and we are launching something very exciting soon that is related to user testing on a global scale so this is highly relatable to us.

Inclusive design – a necessity
Back in the day, inclusivity was perhaps just a tick in the box of requirements – at best. Today it is a necessity. Some would even argue it is a core principle of design thinking. We recognize this need and conduct many tests focusing on accessibility. It is a great way to contribute to society in a positive way.

AI is here to stay
AI is no longer new and it is important to build organizations around it than feel resistant towards it. From our perspective at FeedbackFrog, we see it as an enabler to make testing easier, and not necessarily to remove the human factor in them. One thing does not have to rule out the other but can co-exist.

Emotions still matter
Emotional connections are key to gaining insights, and to be able to connect with our members and customers to impact their user experience in a positive way.

The importance of trust
We value our qualitative data highly; it is our USP! In order to practice what we preach, we ensure our customer data is handled in a responsible, respectful, and ethical way. It is a core tenet of our business and ingrained in our DNA.

Collaboration is key
An important part of the UX sphere is being able to communicate in an effective way. When designing new products and features, collaboration and cohesiveness are two of the most important factors to take into account. If it is not clear and user-friendly to those who are developing it – how will the customers understand how to use it!?

Voice User Interfaces – reshaping digital products
Voice User Interfaces, or VUI, are part of the many changes within UX. We recognize this as an important part of UX, building the bigger picture that UX is both visual and vocal.

To conclude:

UX is part of the digital evolution which is constantly changing and growing. We embrace it and are excited about what the future holds!

We are here to help you to get started with your research studies or conducting unmoderated test sessions on a global scale! Contact our sales team at: