Team FeedbackFrog is growing! 🚀One of the areas that we are renforcing with new talent is within Sales! We are very happy and excited to present our new Sales Manager: Tina Nasr who started a few days ago! 🎉
We asked her some questions about her role, expectations and why she wanted to join FeedbackFrog. Read them here 👇⬇️ 

What inspired you to join FeedbackFrog?
Personally, I strongly believe that qualitative user studies will become a crucial method for companies to evaluate their products and services in the future. Aside from that, a lot of very exciting things are happening right now at FeedbackFrog, which made me very interested to be part of and help further shape!

What do you do in your role?
I have started as a Sales Manager, which means that as revenue manager, I am included in building and shaping the sales department from scratch with all the various parameters included. I also get the opportunity to sell our products and services myself which I am very excited about!

What will you focus on during your first months at FeedbackFrog?
I mainly look forward to further developing various upcoming initiatives and building the sales force that will position FeedbackFrog as the natural partner for qualitative user studies. In Sweden but also on a global scale.

What have you done before and what experiences will you bring?
I have a professional background within SaaS and Fintech where my focus has been revenue generation.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time on a flight going on some fun adventures or skiing. Not too bad if I may say so myself!

Get in touch with Tina for your sales-related questions!