Our Account Manager at FeedbackFrog, Malin Engvall tells us why she is passionate about sales and why she chose FeedbackFrog as her employer – despite never working in a scale-up before.

I’m actually doing my internship while I am also working as an Account Manager. Since I am studying Account Management, it was a great opportunity to work 50% and do my internship 50%. That is one of the many things I appreciate with FeedbackFrog: The solution-oriented attitude and willingness to help and care about their employees. Besides the fact that it is a scale-up with 8 people working here, I have worked in some large corporations before and it is not always the company size that determines the atmosphere. It is usually the people – in my experience.

What have I done so far and how has it been?

  1. Attended sales meetings with both our founder and CEO Amanda Lilja and our Sales Manager Tina Nasr. It has felt strange not being able to answer any follow-up questions but it is part of the journey to learn. Sometimes it has felt ok and sometimes it’s been quite frustrating.
  2. Initiated things outside of my role to be a team player, such as helping out with team day activities
  3. For the first time at a job: Spoken English on a daily basis, even if it sometimes becomes a mix of Swenglish, and being okay with that!
  4. At times doubted myself and the choice to join a scale-up in a development phase.

Did it live up to my expectations?
Despite having to calm myself every now and then with the reminder and belief that things always work out – you know what! I don’t regret for a second that I chose to hop on this train. Even though there’s a lot we need to figure out over time, but we learn from it and it’s amazing to see how we develop together as a team.
I highly recommend anyone to at least try working in a scale-up company, dare to do it! You won’t regret it!

What’s next?
Well, since I work in sales, I would say the best thing that’s next is for you to get in touch with me and I’m happy to help you with your recrutiment of participants for research studies and a tool for conducting unmoderated test sessions on a global scale! Contact me here: malin@feedbackfrog.com