Together with Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden (YEoS), we at FeedbackFrog hosted our first networking event in our new office on Tuesday evening for Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden (YEoS). They meet on a regular basis but this night was solely dedicated to young female entrepreneurs through their initiative YeOs X-traordinary Women’s Dinner.

The purpose with the event was to create a relaxed, easy-going, safe forum and environment to enable discussions about other topics than purely business-related ones, such as:

  • Learn more about each others’ industries, choice of name to everyone’s respective companies and everyone’s startup story.
  • Businesses (challenges everyone is facing within their own business journey)
  • The person behind the company (everyone’s wellbeing

The power of YEoS network:
Finally, the value of YEoS as a network. The reasons for joining, how rewarding and fantastic everyone thought it is. Last but not least, what an impact YEoS has had for all of the members in their journey and wellbeing as a person.

Are you a woman up to 30 years old that lives for and by your entrepreneurship? A membership in YEoS could be the start of something even bigger! Apply for YEoS here.