We wanted to share our inspiration that we got from an article from Smashing Magazine on the similarities between UX Research and the 1970s TV show Columbo.

They might seem unlikely but in fact, both uncover the unknown, interpreting human behavior, discovering missing information which all results to, building something valuable.

Curiosity leads to a greater understanding
For anyone who has not watched Lt. Columbo: He is a homicide detective in Los Angeles in the 1970s and is characterized by his curious nature. The questions he is asking are quite simple but with complex backgrounds which he later finds out. As a major part in both our culture at FeedbackFrog but also in our business, we strongly believe that curiosity is one of the cornerstones for a healthy company culture but also to be able to solve complex scenarios. As well as understanding our customer’s pain points, motivation and behaviors.

In moderated tests – don’t highlight your role as moderator
If the user feels uncomfortable for example with the moderator because of their role, their answers will not be biased. The important things in the test – are the answers and experience of the tester to be able to answer truthfully.

Flexibility will get you far
In qualitative research it is perhaps especially important to be flexible. To get the desired data, all information will not come from scripts or set of questions. But can often require improvisation and follow-up questions.

Pay attention to detail
As a homicide detective, one of the most important things is to pay attention to detail, despite how relevant they may seem. When developing products or supporting our customers with tests – the detail is often the most crucial factor to a successful user experience.

Iterations are crucial
To be free from biases, keep an open mind, make any necessary refinements and not draw the wrong conclusions – iterations are crucial. All based on user feedback.
At FeedbackFrog we constantly test, iterate and improve to get the best result possible.

All feedback is useful feedback
We always encourage our customers to perceive all feedback as useful feedback. Both positive and negative, as long as it is truthful. In a product development process for example, it is always better to get all possible feedback before the product is launched. In this way, iterations can be made to make the product launch a success.

One of the most important things in our culture and our work is to embrace curiosity. Not only does it create a great working atmosphere but it also helps us to pay great attention to detail, show empathy and understanding, be iterative and embrace all feedback.

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