The PR agency Westander is one of latest customers at FeedbackFrog. They contacted us for help with a test for one of their clients. We asked if they would like to share their experience with us in an interview, so we had a nice chat with their business area manager and interim Head of Agency Frida Blom.

Why did you choose FeedbackFrog as a partner for your user studies?
Westander was looking for a company that could help one of our clients recruit participants for a focus group. We received a recommendation for FeedbackFrog from another company.

Why is research important to you?
– In this case, it was crucial for our client to test messages that Westander had helped them develop, on members of the public.

How do you think the collaboration has worked?
– The collaboration with FeedbackFrog has worked very well. Above all, I appreciate that FeedbackFrog has been diligent in providing continuous updates on the project’s status. I also appreciate the proactiveness – FeedbackFrog has consistently been a step ahead, considering things that need to be done before I have even thought of them myself.

What is the best thing about the service that FeedbackFrog offers, from your perspective?
– I never thought it would be so smooth to recruit people for a focus group. FeedbackFrog has made everything very easy for me and for our client at Westander. I have already recommended all other consultants at Westander to seek help from FeedbackFrog, and I will continue to speak highly of you.

If you want to conduct a test and get help finding participants, contact us! We are happy to help. You can reach out to us here.