Yesterday we at FeedbackFrog had the honor of hosting another event in our office within our tech community. This time it was for the network Ukrainian Women in Tech with Miro as one of the guest speakers.

The topics presented were:

  • Miro Democratising research at Miro
  • Web Summit 2023

Democratizing research at Miro

Miro was presenting their session online. Eduardo Gomez Ruiz was the speaker. He works as a Senior UX Research Manager at Miro. Since Miro is a collaborative platform based on interactivity – their session did not fall short on delivering that.

The interaction was clear from the beginning as participants could join the Miro Board and follow discussion live by leaving notes and navigating the same board as speaker was using. 

Web Summit 2023 – how to prepare for events

The speaker from the network of Ukrainian Women in Tech was Tatevik Avakian. She is a Senior QA Engineer at Dstny. Tatevik shared her experience of visiting the largest IT event in Europe in Lisbon: Web Summit. It gathered 70,236 attendees from 153 countries. 43 percent of the attendees were women. She gave her best tips and tricks on how to get the most out of that conference and conferences in general to make sure that the output and outcome result in a good return on investment.

Top 3 key takeaways from the event were:

  1. The primary catalyst for business impact lies in the vitality of an organization’s culture of continuous learning.
  2. In the contemporary landscape, the majority of organizations prioritize high-quality insights. Research stands as a pivotal element in the process of crafting products that resonate with and are beloved by users.
  3. Addressing the question “What type of evidence do decision-makers need to make informed decisions?” is crucial, highlighting the importance of gathering relevant and reliable data to guide effective decision-making.

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