As the clock strikes midnight and we bid farewell to another year, it’s natural to pause and reflect on the journey we’ve travelled. My name is Tim, and I am the Chief Operating Officer here at FeedbackFrog. I started this role at the start of April 2023, so I haven’t quite completed my first 12 months, but I didn’t want to miss the poetic chance to reflect at New Year’s and share something a bit more personal about life as a “Frogger”.

Always start with the end in mind
This phrase is drilled into every Management Consultant from bootcamp day 1. As my first “proper” leadership position post-ManCon-life I have realised that this needs to be tweaked. There is never a definitive end in a continuous growth journey. So, let’s first celebrate our victories, big and small. Each success, no matter how minor, is a testament to resilience, determination, and to the dedication of our team.

The problem isn’t the problem, it’s your attitude to the problem
This is a great phrase that can trigger mind-bending innovation, or rage-inducing frustration. That doesn’t make it any less true! Leadership is full of challenges, and small scale-up business life is full of challenges, so together there are copious opportunities for learning. Focusing on simple honesty and trying to keep a mind open to the learning opportunities isn’t always easy, but we are doing our best together to understand how tough times can be insightful stepping stones to something better.

There is no I in team
Taking a moment to express gratitude for the people who are part of our lives is key to our success. Whether it’s family, friends, or colleagues; these relationships contribute significantly to our personal and professional growth, and help keep the wheels turning with customers or kids, through early mornings and late nights. We are all links in the chain that pulls this train down the track.

This is Chess, not Chequers
Having a vision is one thing, delivering on the vision is another, and the path to each significant moment is never direct. There are many variables, trade-offs, and externalities that need to be understood to play the game and stand a half-decent chance of succeeding. This is delivered by the team on either side who know their role, can react when needed without needing to be asked, and when we all share the vision.

So, the New Year stands before us. Not as a blank canvas, but as a rich tapestry of experiences for us to build on; offering the chance to create new opportunities, set fresh goals, and face what lies ahead. Let’s embrace the new day together and step into the future with optimism.

May it be filled with adventures, triumphs, and the courage to navigate whatever comes our way. Happy New Year!