A constant factor in any scale-up is change, where things move quickly more or less every day. How to handle change is connected to personal traits (if you like it or not), the communication of “why”, and the systems in place to support the “how”. At FeedbackFrog we thrive when things develop quickly, and do not stand still as the world around us moves. It is an exciting ride that all of us want to be part of.

Pacing down
However, with a high pace comes the importance of knowing when to slow down. Not only to give ourselves time to reflect, analyze, get new ideas and perspectives on things; but also to get a distance from work-related tasks and focus on other things like family and friends. This is especially important during the Christmas holidays.

Team building creates a strong culture
Despite the fact that we are still a small company of 8 people – we are equally eager to create a strong culture together where everyone is valued and each person’s skills complement each other. Values, work ethics, and ways of working are part of the culture; which we work towards every day. We will share some of this with you early next year, and are all playing a vital part of shaping it together.

Work hard – have fun
Finally, now at the end of the year where we all want to rest and relax – but still finish that final bit of work before we can shut down for a while before getting new energy again – it is a great time to reflect on the changes of the year-just-past. There is a saying “work hard – have fun” which I think is true. To have fun is one of our values, and embrace the change as we enter 2024 for another fun filled frenetic FeedbackFrog future awaits.