At FeedbackFrog, we believe that research and user insights are key to successful product development. But how do you work with usability testing, and what are the keys to conducting good interviews that generate concrete insights to act upon? Luckily, we have a strong UX community in Sweden that can contribute with tips and tricks.

Here, we provide links to some individuals who are willing to share their knowledge:

James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom have been hosting the podcast UXPodcast for a long time, often engaging in conversations with well-known names in the design world, both in Sweden and abroad. The discussions often revolve around design leadership, research, methodology, or reflections from a designer’s everyday life.

Listen to the podcast here: UXPodcast

Elisabet Johansson is the UX Lead at SVT. She is active on Instagram and a speaker at design conferences and forums. She talks about the importance of research and usability testing, with a particular focus on designing products for children.

Elisabeth has written a post on SVT’s tech blog about how to use storytelling as a method when researching with children. Read the article here: SVT Tech Blog

Sara Nero at the design agency Antrop has released an article on how to prepare for user interviews.

Read Sara’s insightful thoughts here: Antrop Article

Maria Hannula, a service designer at BLK LZY, has also written a post about what to consider when conducting user interviews. She advocates for taking the overall impression into account when interviewing people – body language, tone of voice, and background information are important puzzle pieces.

Read Maria’s post: BLK LZY Article

Do you have tips on other UX heroes who are willing to share their knowledge? Write and tag in the comments!