We are incredibly excited to present our new Chief Technical Officer (CTO): Mathias Pedersen who starts working with us at FeedbackFrog today! 🎉We asked him some questions before his start. You can read them here 👇

What made you join FeedbackFrog?
– I believe that qualitative user research will become more important and integral to companies that want to be successful at building software. Being part of FeedbackFrog and assisting companies with qualitative user research sounded interesting to me.
–I was also very appealed in joining an organization in this early stage that FeedbackFrog is, and being part of forming the organization going forward.

What do you do in your role?
– I’m joining the company as CTO, the organization’s need for this role will, of course, vary as the organization grows and develops. The way I see it my main objective is to make sure that we are able to deliver great technical products to our customers, have the internal technical tools we need, and have fun while we deliver these solutions. I envision that the role will entail both strategic and operational aspects, communication, and engineering.

What are you most looking forward to contributing to the journey ahead?
– I’m looking forward to contributing to building an organization where we all thrive and create results together. With my background in engineering, I also hope that I will be able to contribute to our technical solutions.

Tell us a bit about your background!
– I have been working in the IT industry for almost 10 years now, mainly as a consultant within engineering and engineering leadership.

Sports have always played a big part in my life and I grew up playing ice hockey and soccer, these days I’m all about alpine skiing.