Malin Engvall, who works as an Account Manager with us at FeedbackFrog, talks to customers and potential customers every day. We asked her about what she perceives as the customers’ biggest challenges when it comes to working with usability tests.

– The most common problem for our customers is that it takes an incredibly long time to find participants for usability tests. And just because you find participants, it’s not always certain that they will show up at the test itself. If you don’t manage to recruit a sufficient number of participants, the end results can be misleading.

Malin continues:
– This is where we come into the picture! We ensure that all you UX designers can focus on what you do best, and we make sure you can conduct usability tests with high quality.

With FeedbackFrog’s platform and services, it’s easy to plan, order, and conduct usability tests. We take care of the administrative tasks – booking and communicating with participants and having backup plans if someone doesn’t show up.

If you want to book a demo or learn more about FeedbackFrog, contact Malin Engvall: Phone: 070-4502123 Email: