We had a conversation with Melker Andersson, UX lead at Savings within Skandia, about why they use FeedbackFrog and why Skandia prioritizes research so highly.

How do you work with research at Skandia?

– At Skandia, we constantly want to understand our customers’ needs and expectations. Therefore, we regularly conduct user tests and in-depth interviews. We analyze the research and compile it using various methods, ensuring that we share it throughout the organization.

Why do you use FeedbackFrog?

– We chose FeedbackFrog because they offer a quick and efficient solution for recruiting test and interview participants. Their platform allows us to quickly access the right target audience, sign contracts, and handle compensation, saving us both time and resources. We also appreciate their professionalism and excellent customer support.

What has been the biggest advantage of turning to FeedbackFrog?

– The greatest advantage has been the smoothness of the recruitment process, and the fact that we can essentially hand over the responsibility entirely. This leads to significant time savings, enabling more efficient work and greater focus for us.

Why is research important for Skandia?

– Our vision is that research and design should be at the core of our decision-making. By continuously gathering insights into our customers’ behavior and preferences, we can ensure that we continually improve our products and services based on real insights rather than our own assumptions.

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